SEXY Lingerie Try on HAUL!!!

THIS video is semi-censored (sheer parts visible/nude parts censored) at my $15 or higher level on Patreon! The FULL NUDE / FULL UNCENSORED version is at my nude levels:

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Vuelta al Sol by Tomas Novoa
Bluerise by Oliver Michael
The Great Enlightenment by Geva Alon
Needs by Nolai
Best Part of Me by Landon Austin

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  1. Wow amazing absolutely gorgeous I enjoy watching this review with the lingerie love the lingerie absolutely sexy and gorgeous indeed look forward to seeing more

  2. Hi Stevie, how are you? As always, you look so awesome. This is a very, very sexy lingerie try-on haul and I loved it. I loved all of the lingerie sets you tried on and I really enjoyed the see-through dress at 6:07, that was really, really sexy. My hand was not above the keyboard when I saw that dress, wow…lol. Thanks for sharing, you're fucking beautiful and next time, let's do a panties try-on haul. Have a good night!