TRY ON! Cheap lingerie ;) – 15 DMolyare TRY ON

Yay! Another video!! Never knew video making takes so much time :O You don’t realy want to know how many Times I had to redo it all 😀
Ok so I’m back with another China video try on 😉 Hope You’re gonna like it!! :*

You can order them here:

Please enjoy :*

Really thank you for subscribes and comments and messages 😀 You are the best!! :*

Video made by Wondershare Filmora ver. 8.7.1 with all music and intro and text.

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Comment (19)

  1. Hi Dom Molyare! That's me again!
    The white outfit is the best by far. Even the littel squirrel (is it a squirrel?) doesn´'t reduce my joy about it.
    Very gorgeous! Kisses from Rio, Brazil.