Tank Top TRY ON HAUL | SHE TRIES | Aedyn Tries Tops

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SHE TRIES Aedyn Tries Tops





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Comment (50)

  1. Aedyn you're beautiful! 0:25 Your personality is cute as hell 0:49 such a cute laugh! 0:59 so pretty 1:56 Beautiful 3:52 You look really pretty 4:40 very pretty 4:52 I LOVED that video You were funny and beautiful and sexy!!! 5:35 You 🔥girl! 6:05 Damn I love your laugh! 6:14 Aedyn you're beautiful and your personality is really AWESOME!! 6:27 ooh girl you TOOOOO cute and 🔥6:32 your back is so sexy 6:59 yes see this is funny and sexy 7:04 DAMN I love this! You're funny and beautiful! 7:16 But that's why you're beautiful! 7:20 Only 12 maybe. They edited some out maybe. 7:32 I would marry you to hear that laugh. 8:00 Seriously. 8:17 Beautiful! 9:00 definitely still here and could watch you longer. You're cute adorable Very pretty funny and sweet. And BEAUTIFUL!! 9:38 Damn, already?

  2. Quisera eu q todas as mulheres q são fofinhas soubessem o quanto são lindas, eu não teria tanto problema de mostrar o quanto elas são lindas, desejáveis e gostosas do jeito q são

  3. Not that anyone cares or asked, but if someone asked me what my type was, I'd show them this video (or the last one she was in). Aedyn is like 100% EXACTLY my type, and I swear I got a crush so fast that I broke the sound barrier.

    Anyways I love the late-90s/early-2000s energy of all of them, but the red pleather top looks like it belongs in a TLC music video so I'm voting for that one for president

  4. Aedyn is such an affable, adorable and sexy young lass. A great sense of humor and just a fun model to watch. Great moves! These tops all look good on her, especially the red one and the red roushed bandeau top. The white Honey top is a winner. No need to be nervous, you are just beautiful!

  5. From what I could watch while I laughed, I liked the grey top… and I wanna highlight that she was very real, maybe a bit too much jk, but I laughed a lot and I like that for a change. Thanks, keep that attitude and the good vids coming.

  6. this girl is barking mad bat shit crazy…. but i love her for it. some of these girls are so stuck up it's nice to have a relaxed happy girl doing one for a change.