[Channel Update] Bum Wild Modeling Comfy Shorts

In this video I give an update on the Bum Wild adventure while modeling comfy shorts!

To comply with YouTube policies, the not safe for YouTube (NSFY) content has been censored but the full version (20 minutes) is available on Patreon.com/BumWild. Try it out, see if you like it!

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With love,
Your Favorite Bum

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  1. Wow those light green shorts are absolutely awesome on you and yes a fitness video would probably be something good Capri yoga pants would look absolutely fantastic on you and that would be something that would be incredible to watch

  2. keep putting videos on Youtube, but only allow comments on the other site. Cocoscope seems like a good idea. Piper started it for the same reason. She got kicked off youtube for the same reasons as you.

  3. Hi..love your voice. I think the what your doing right now is a great way to do it to get the biggest audience , by that i mean putting your tame videos on here basically as an advertisement for the stuff thats not safe for work. Pornhub is great idea too ..but if you go there im gonna be disapointed if your not naked 🙂 …when i think pornhub im thinkin naked girls .

  4. I like how self aware and well spoken this youtuber is. Wouldn’t pay for content because I’m just not the guy to subscribe to porn though.

    Side note: most people would be really offended if their revealing short shorts were called underwear, but she readily admits it. Respect

  5. Wowwssaa, and please excuse me for my candor. But I love your legs and you look great in all those shorts…keep doing what you are doing sweety.

  6. Sooo, just looked at pornhub and typed in haul and alot came up. I think you would love the freedom of the site. You wouldn't have to cover or hide anything while shooting your video. 🙂

  7. Don't listen to them there's nothing rong with what your modeling right now you look good in all that your putting on and i don't see nothing provocative about ut hell the way people are dressing now a days in the public eye daily who ever us complaining needs to shut up and sit down

  8. You and my wife have almost identical bodies. Every time I look at you I see her and vice verse. You could be her twin. Love what your doing and keep up the great work. Would not mind chatting some time….