HEYYYY & welcome back to my latest Primark haul!!! I tested out so so much swimwear so let me know what was your fave? Misha G xox

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  1. Bikini one was gorgeous (but I personally like big boobs in bathing suits) so I would give it a 9/10
    For the second one I don't love white bathing suits and it's not that flattering 5/10
    I like the buckles on the third one but I don't really like much else 3/10
    The fourth one like I said I like when bikinis show boobs so I don't really wear bandeau style ones but it does suit you so 7/10
    The fifth one I agree isn't very flattering 4/10
    The last one was definitely my second favorite after the first one, the pattern is really pretty 8/10
    For the one piece Im not a fan of white and it's not super flattering, I like the visor though haha 5/10

    P.S it's ban-do not ban-doo haha 😉

  2. Hi Misha!👋🏿U r and Look Very Beautiful! And U have an Amazing Admonishing figure!👙And U have a Nice Bum too!🍑and Great Work in your contents and🎊Congratulations to U🎊in the Style of Man like Oh Stevie, U should of gone to, Yep, U guessed it?🕶👓🎹Wonders😎UP! Keep up the good work!👍🏿

  3. Oh no notification fail! Only just found this today but a 6 top and 10 bottom is me nothing up top but wide hip great haul girl! 💖🙌

  4. Your literally so lucky to be the size you are as I'm an E in bras and can never get the perfect size it's either a 8 or 10 but mainly a 10 but my waist is a 4-6 and it's hard to find the right size so your soooooo lucky p.s love your figure 💕😍

  5. Hey Misha, you do the best haul videos and your outfits are such good inspiration!! Please can you tell me which lipstick you're wearing here? Aliexpress bikini haul would be good but make up haul too, you always have great makeup especially the lipsticks!! 😘

  6. Do an Ali express haul!! You can screenshot Any dress or item of clothing off insta etc and photo search it and it will come up with the same thing but cheaper !

  7. Love these type of hauls !!! 💞💞of course you look gorgeous but I personally don’t think any of them bikinis are as flattering as normal but you look penggg🙈😘

  8. Omg I love you sooo much your an amazing idol and so beautiful 😍😍 I wish I had as much confidence and beauty as you do 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  9. Anyone else like me – I’m very busty and although some people see it as though nothing could be bad about it, trying to find bikini tops that fit and support you is actually really hard. I can’t get away with strapless because it just falls down, I also can’t really wear triangle because I come out of the sides of it. The only bikini style top I can really wear is bra style ones haha someone please relate

  10. Misha…there is no way on earth you are a 32 anything!! I'm a size 12 and wear a 30 back, sometimes 28.
    You and Mamma Grimes need to go onto Boob or bust, they have a website and also a Facebook group. They have completely revolutionised how to measure for bras. They no longer use the outdated +4 method, which was originally intended for fabric with no stretch. 80% of ladies wear the wrong size. Too big in the back and too small in the cup. I would love if you two would do a video on it as you are the perfect platform to reach out to women and girls everywhere. Big love to you both 💕🥰

  11. This couldn’t of come at a better time! Love a good primark haul, going on holiday soon & need to pick up some last minute bits from primark, thank you Misha!👙💗

  12. Yes Misha 🙌 literally in bed waiting for my Sunday morning chill watching your super haul Sundays 🤣 hope you're enjoying your holiday 🥰 X