Bum Wild tries on MR.E’s Short Shorts – June 2019

When MR.E and I filmed the bodysuit raid & rate video, I also raided other parts of her closet! Here all of MR.E’s jean shorts. I also read and reply to comments in this video. Try it out, see if you like it!

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  1. I love it when you wear belly shirts that show off you gorgeous navel. I bet you’ve seen men cry with tears of happiness from you wearing gorgeous belly shirts

  2. I’d like to feel the weight of those breasts
    Edit: To fight ghosts just call me up. I’ll work my voodoo on them

  3. Not going to lie gorgeous you have the most perfect little bit of cameltoe just enough to show with nobody else can imagine

  4. Hi! Good videos!! Lots of Try ones but u make a difference. The way u move the way u talk, I don't know! Can u tell me about the scar u have on your belly? It seems like three little scars in fact. Some surgery?

  5. Such a wonderful collection of shorts!
    Love seeing you outdoors, maybe in your next collab with Mr.E you guys could take it in turns showing an outfit each, or if you felt the need to do a nude beach review, I think I'd be ok with that too 😉😘

  6. U have a hot ass and tits no dout but id love to look you in the eyes and see your face… thats what seals the deal for me

  7. Super cute , sexy, awesome video as usual! Love being called a bumster 😜! Awesome advice on building up the ladies around you! I think it’s great! Also think it’s more difficult to compliment people in general in a very sensitive social atmosphere these days☹️! No ghost fighting advice but I have an awesome ghost story, not scary! Good luck to you! 😊

  8. I LOVED this vid. They were all great. They fit just perfect. One thing, I have never been an fan of the front pockets hanging down thing. I would prefer they were cut off. Thanks for the great vids. Keep up the good work. I'll be watching.

  9. I'd suggest running from the ghost. Notice how nobody in those movies tries to just leave? That's because the movie would be over if they ran away because the ghost wouldn't get them 😋.

  10. I don’t wanna be disrespectful and advertise someone else on your channel, but there’s no other way to get in touch with you. Sooooo, here ya go. You might would like to checkout and get in contact with a channel called Yoga Flocke. She’s doing things seemingly on her own terms as you and mr.e. She’s actually really incredible plus does a lot of see-through stuff as well. She has had trouble with YouTube in the past and figured out how to get around it. Might wanna look her up. I hope this helps!! Sincerely

  11. Ghosts arent something to fear their not even really entities…more like a recording of the past that plays over and over again. Something happened deep enough to leave an imprint. Garden gnomes on the other hand…their scary, and they hide your car keys, and take random socks from your dryer…🤔 i think they use them as currency.

  12. Actually you should do video varnishing those chairs that would be amazing

  13. Sexy body! please put ur piercing back in for the next video! also do you have and jean skirts or any mini skirts?

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  15. Loving the format you have going here. Interesting ramblings along with the try-ons. Keeps me from skipping to the next outfit, if I'm listening to your stream of conversation.

  16. Nice!!! Very Nice!!! 😍😍😍 I like every pair of shorts you tried on😍😍😍 Beautifully Done😍😍👏👏👏👏

  17. HEY! We miss you! Where are you!? Hope all is well with you and you are showing your best, most fabulous asset, that you are smiling! Thank you!

  18. I love this casual sexy style of videos. thanks o much!
    I would love to see some tight leggings try on video!
    anything planned yet?

  19. You did something in a recent video that was incredibly hot. You took off your clothing right as you stepped off camera. Please PLEASE add that to your future videos. OMG! Such a gentle tease. YUM!

  20. I love your shirt tryons just as much ….. and my 2nd statement is………. will you ever wear anything that doesnt look incredible on you,so far EVERYTHING youve tried fits perfect.

  21. I’ve just seen Mr. E comfy and sexy shorts video. How many shorts does a lady need these days? 😂 love you Bum Wild you make my day a happier place, thanks. K😘


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