Does Size Really Matter? Jean Try On Preview – Bum Wild Quickie – Try it Out

Bum Wild Quickies are 2 minute snippets from longer videos that can be found on Patreon.

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  1. Lmao you are one crazy chic! Hot, sexy but definitely a little nutty… Talking dicks n trying on jeans… You're too much 😂😂😂😍😍😍

  2. I am one of those giant ones. I always respected my partner's requests to not put it all in. I think most women do not encounter respectful young men these days. Perhaps because of the kind of pop culture we have had over the last 20 to 30 years? I don't know. I just know I found my long term partners and also my short term partners appreciative of my respect for them and most really liked what they found in my pants. Some so much so they tried to own me. I was having none of that. Respect goes both ways. Oh and women deserve the same wage for the same work that a man does! Yes I am a feminist too.

  3. I would tell you about the size of my dick/penis.
    But everyone else would see this comment then probably laugh.
    So is there another way I could describe it?

  4. If i ever get a gf that looks like you, i'd absolutely wreck her so fucking hard… unfirtunatly. Im 18, and as far as iv'e noticed, most girls of that age arent interested. Or atleast not here in the Netherlands

  5. Hahahahaha! Geez ur a Really naughty raunchy and kinky chick i see verbally explicit which is a good thing cause if you were my Girlfriend,Woman i wouldnt even complain about that sex life or even look at a another woman ever cause i would have you to satisfy me in every aspect danggg Lol would be nice to see ur Face! What you look like a Face to match that nice curvy body,i wana ask do you have instagram? Hit me back up BumWild.


  7. Really love how you are openly talking about it and love your voice plus you are a girl someone can talk about anything for hours, remind me of a friend. Thx for sharring!

  8. This was the most shockingly insightful video I randomly came across. Which guess I should imprint into memory that any thing regarding whether "Size matters" is only talking about penises

  9. I wished all women was no nonsense and blatantly honest and straightforward about things like that. It would make the world so much easier. You rock.

  10. I knew a girl who was with someone so small he couldn't even get it inside her. He would just hump her leg but she liked him so she went along with it.

  11. would you every make a nude haul on pornhub for example? that website also has a tip or donate or pay function. you dont need to do porn but videos that wont be allowed here you could do there. i guess you are not afraid to show your nipples or you dont care if people see it, but not gonna happen here i guess

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