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Items featured:

-Turner Tank (XS)
-Easy Tiger Thong (XS)
-Hell Tank (XS)
-Do My Nipples Offend You (S)
-Easy Tiger Bomber Jacket (S, Red)
-Pearl Dress (XS)
-Iggy Dress (XS)

Comment below which one was your favorite!

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  1. Immediately put video on mute and waited for the nips. I don't want to risk hearing her voice cause I just know it's going to be annoying as fuck. All the hot ones are.

  2. she"s pretty but i would not have sex with her this girl has been around big time i mean if i was a girl and look like her and you can clearly tell she wants and likes money so i would not be fu*** a tattoo scumbags i would go after a billionaire ps you may not like my comment but you know its true with your looks you should have held out for a quality guy

  3. qué mamasita estas bien chula cómo para chuparte tú rico oyito mmm👅 telo quiero mamar ése chocho rico y sabroso mmm👅 Delisioso👅👅👅👅👅👌👌💦💦💦💦💦💦

  4. "You guys don't wanna hear me talk, you just wanna see what I look like in a see through dress!"

    You right! lol

    That being said, I've now seen you in a see through dress and still wanna hear you talk because your derpiness is Cute and funny and I " R E A L L Y L I K E " cute and funny. xD