It’s not a bruise… What’s this thing on my thigh?

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  1. never thought you were gothic – lol!!! Vids are great – love this one. Glad to see you are independent and building your own following!!! Keep up the very excellent work

  2. I liked the video the length of time you enjoy the video is also good, but your panties are very big in the front, should be the same back very small, is the tip because I am writing on the channel and I really like your videos, put more of this way.

  3. Not being critical, but your tattoo is the only thing I do NOT like about you. Its just ruins a perfect canvas. I come to your page because you are cure and beautiful and have an INSANE little body, but the tattoo is always something I have always tried to "overlook"when it came to your videos. For me,and me alone, I cannot even imagine why anyone would deface their body with something like that, and I mean no offense to you, if that is what you like, then so be it. I see other girls who do hauls and I like their videos more because they are just perfect in every way and there are no tattoos that ruin the perfect image. Just my opinion. Its like this girl, I go to her page and she is just pure and simple perfection and there is nothing to distract from her perfect beauty.

  4. Shold have stayed Goth 😉 Please show us some of your goth clothing if u still have it, do a reviving an alex from the past video, how youd make yourself up to look goth nowadays and look badass and sexy as always. x

  5. You answered 2 of my question as to WHY a tattoo,,,,,,you were in a dark moment in life hence the Goth phase in your life and you had a boyfriend Who liked tattoos,,,But WHY something so Permanent ? Why not a Stick on tattoo for a while until you are Really sure you want it for your entire Life ? In my opinion it adds Nothing to your already Awesome size and Shaped body other than a Distraction,,,,,Not having done drugs or Drank in my life I just get the Tattoo thing,,,Some people try to rationalize it by saying " they have an Artistic mind " ? Or its " So Cute ",,,,,,Cute is a little mushroom or a rose on their ankle or shoulder ,,,,,,and Then theres women flaunting " TRAMP STAMPS " on their lower back,,,hummmmm,,,,What's up with That ?? If women want something for the Guys ( or Gals ) to look at while they are working your Ass then why not a little short story to read or a tic tac toe game tattoo,,,or maybe a small tattoo of a " Maze " with an easy erase marker taped to your BUTT as well,,,just something constructive the Guys can do while waiting for the " Big Bang " ??? Oh well,,whatever,,,to Each His Own I recon,,,, Anyway You have a Gorgeous Body,,
    I just can't see anything added to it that would make it More Awesome than it already is !!

  6. Absolutely adore u!!!!! Soooo crave to see more of ur legs. Ur ass is flawless, but I love ur legs xxxx. Perfection in every way
    Always look forward to ur uploads xxx

  7. wow been waiting for this vid, a 4inch long pick and poke tat girl you got balls lol cant wait till you get the other tat and you picking a spot thats not going to tickle i hope you can get through it ok, and just an idea i for one would love to see a get goth with me vid???? keep rocken the tat.