2019 LINGERIE HAUL TRY ON | Julia Rose

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Gear up with some cute lingerie from Gooseberry!

Comment below which one was your favorite!

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LAST VIDEO (Cheeky Bikini Haul): https://youtu.be/Y_IujvnNdSc

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Names of lingerie from Gooseberry:

– Laura Jade Stone Delight (Baby Blue)

-Full on Glam Iconic (black)

-Be Mine (emerald)

– Sweet Nothing Sexy (Black)


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Comment (50)

  1. I love your naturalness wearing underwear with transparencies, you are beautiful and very natural and spontaneous. I love you

  2. Wow Soo Nice Lingerie all Colours haul…And good Massing Your body….And i Think You are beautiful & Pretty💟💙💜💚💛💖

  3. I am so sorry but you need to stop it. You are beginning to harasses me. Because every time I look at you tube you are in my Recommended for me. But ha I am living with it. One more thing yes you are very BEAUTIFUL. KEEP IT UP.

  4. I want to do sex in ur ass, im in love with your ass , i want to die for u. I spend 9 hours per day watching ur ass in these videos, and i cam 7 times per day for u. I only do this.

  5. You should do your town halls on pornhub so you don't have to wear those pasties and if you want you could show more

  6. Hola. Princesa. Me. Gusta. Tus. Tangas. Y. Tus. Bikinis. Usamos. La. Misma. Talla. Y. La. Misma. Marca. Más. Me. Gusta. La. K. Tienes. Puesta. Te. Huele. Deliciosa. Mamyta. Hetmosa


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