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jumpsuits romper:http://bit.ly/2x6zEDf
body jumpsuit:http://bit.ly/2CLgys9
Floral jumpsuit:http://bit.ly/2O8SDnP
Sweat shirt:http://bit.ly/2QnvC20
Ladies jumpsuit:http://bit.ly/2p08Cti
Flared sleeve jumpsuit:http://bit.ly/2x3n7RK
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Talever YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6o5uLMfInTjvQgzaWfZ5Uw?view_as=subscriber

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Song: Mario Ayuda & Qaayel – Wake Up [Concordia Recordings]


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  1. You have a real nice little butt Usually I like a pretty girl with curves You know a big butt and thighs unless girls wear booty shorts and then lots of girls look great in them but yours gets my attention and your smile You seem like you're so sweet

  2. You know what else is affecting your money? Jaret talking – at all !! His goofy laughter and off-color comments are just creepy and production devaluing. Have you ever seen a camera man in a Commercial, Documentary, Film, TV series, News program, or anything else professionally produced for that matter, talk? No. The camera man's (or crew's) job is not to distract from the filmed subject, but to be "invisible observers" — Thumbs up if you agree.